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Why staying at a Hawaii vacation rental is better than staying at a hotel

Added: Jul 06, 2019
Category: Vacation Rental Tips

Planning your vacation to the Hawaiian Islands? Hawaii is a perfect destination for happy families and romantic couples who are planning exciting vacation experiences. One essential decision, apart from the destination, is finding a place to stay. Should it be a Hawaii vacation rental or a room in a hotel?  

A few years ago before the advent of AirBnB and other vacation rental sites, Hawaiian hotel rooms used to be the top-most priority for all visitors. However, things have changed significantly. These days, opting for vacation rentals has been essentially the norm. But why is this so? We have heard visitors who have stayed at rentals saying that they won't go back to staying at hotel rooms whenever they go on vacations. Let's dive into 5 major reasons that make rentals a superior choice than Hawaiian hotels.

1- Rentals come at a cheaper price; better value for your money!

Unless you're a billionaire, you would always look for a cheaper version of everything. This is where the rentals come into play. Hawaiian rentals are usually available at better prices than hotel rooms with the same amenities. Moreover, if you want to shift your rental from the garden view to the ocean view, you will be charged relatively less than the hotel room.

2- Rentals with an ocean view

What's the point of having vacations in Hawaii if you're not staying close to the ocean? Hawaii rentals offer you this feature without any additional charges. Depending on the rental property most are closer to the ocean as compared to the hotel rooms, giving a more classic and local feel. 

So, now you can enjoy your mornings, evenings and nights in the balcony with a beautiful ocean view.

3- Prepare your own meals, spend less on food!

Hotel food comes at a big price and there is no guarantee that it will be right according to your taste requirements. So, why not prepare your own meals with your loved ones with a perfect ocean view?

Be the master in your own fully equipped kitchen! Most Hawaii vacation rental properties provide you with cooking amenities such as a full kitchen with all the necessary cookware and dinnerware. 

4- Have your own washing services and save money!

While hotels offer laundry services (with the usual extra and exorbitant charges), most rental properties have their own washing equipment and let you do your own laundry, allowing you to have more vacation dollars for other vacation-worthy experiences such as tours and activities. This, combined with having the ability to cook your own meals and other amenities such as free high-speed internet makes rentals make you feel right at home!  

5- Say no to parking fees!

Hotels in Waikiki will most likely charge you for the privilege of parking your rental car on premises. More so if you opt for the convenience of valet parking if you consider valet tips on top of the extra charge. Whereas hotels charge you high prices for parking, most vacation rentals offer you free parking, oftentimes right in front of your rental unit. Even if you rent a condominium, parking areas are located near your rental property or on premises; you don't have to walk far at all.

So, next time you plan a vacation to Hawaii, you know what to go for! Have a better value for your price and save for the actual entertainment!

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